Connect with customers in Canada with Canadian press release distribution

Are you looking for a quality Canadian press release distribution service? If so, help is available. There are many great reasons for using a Canada press release distribution facility when you want to build more relationships with customers in this market. Support is on offer whether you have already achieved success in Canada or are starting from scratch. A quality press release distribution service like PR Fire can help you connect with customers in Canada and enable you to form long-lasting relationships with writers and bloggers in your industry. 

Is it expensive to use a Canada press release distribution service?

One of the key benefits of using a press release distribution service in Canada is that it allows you to get your messages out there for much less than advertising will cost. As long as your press release is interesting and engaging enough, there’s a big chance it will be picked up by leading news sites and blogs in Canada. We can work closely alongside you to ensure your press release is newsworthy enough to win the attention of influential writers, bloggers and journalists in Canada. We can assist you whether you need to start your press release from scratch or if it’s almost ready to go and simply needs to be looked over by an experienced professional journalist before you make it public. 

Win the trust of customers in Canada

If you want to sell products and services to customers in Canada, firstly you need to win their trust and convince them you are running a credible business. Appearing on a top news site or blog can help you build credibility and let others know your business is worth dealing with. If you’re wondering what to talk about in your press release to make it newsworthy, there are many angles you can opt for. For instance, you can talk about the latest news and developments at your business, new recruits, milestones and achievements, product launches, special offers and more. Once customers in Canada begin to see your business as a credible one, they are more likely to go ahead and purchase your products and services.

How long will it take to get results?

A big benefit of distributing a press release is that you can expect to see big results quickly. Within just a few days of distributing your press release with PR Fire, you’ll receive a detailed report that tells you who has turned your content into a story and how many backlinks from high-authority sites you have received. Backlinks can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to improving visibility for your business. This is because they send a message to Google that your site is a quality one that has been recognised by a leading website. You can expect to see better search rankings as a result. 

Will relevant Canadian bloggers and journalists be targeted during my campaign? 

Yes. At PR Fire, we target writers based in your specific niche and chosen location so you’re not wasting money on targeting irrelevant journalists and bloggers. You can count on us to ensure your press release lands in the inboxes of various important journalists, editors, reports and bloggers in your target region and industry. 

Can I get my story on Google News-approved sites?

If you want to target sites that have been approved to feature in Google News rankings pages, we are here for you. These sites have carefully been chosen by Google due to their high authority and credibility. Sites that have been approved by Google News normally have extremely high Domain Authority ratings, and if you can get your site linked to on one of these sites, this can have a tremendous impact on your search performance. Coverage in the Canadian media can be highly effective when it comes to gaining a big presence in this market. We have vast experience in getting our clients’ stories featured on Google News-approved sites and can assist you no matter which sector you are based in. 

Contact PR Fire 

We are here for you if you require a market-leading Canadian press release distribution service that will introduce your brand to more customers and clients in Canada. Why not get in touch today if you do have any queries about our Canada press release distribution service? To reach us right now, give us a call on 0161 738 1089 or send a message to [email protected] We can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.