Find a first-class France press release distribution service

Are you expanding to markets in France? Perhaps you’re already based in France but need to get important news about your business out to French audiences? If so, a France press release distribution service could be the perfect solution for you. Read on to find out more about why it makes so much sense to use a French press release distribution service. 

The power of the press release

Press releases are created and distributed by companies from all industries to make important news public. These stories can come in the form of news about product launches, acquisitions, investments, job opportunities, anniversaries, forthcoming events and more. Many companies use press releases to promote discounts and other special offers. However, if you don’t use a quality press release distribution service, your content is unlikely to be read by many people at all. 

What does a French press release distribution service do? 

A press release distribution service in France will ensure your content gets out to all the right people in your industry. This includes influential journalists, bloggers and the people who read their work. Press release distribution services aren’t as costly as you might think. A press release can be a much more cost-effective way of getting your message out there than opting for traditional advertising. If your story is newsworthy enough, your story could be covered by influential websites, newspapers, magazines, television channels and radio stations. Once journalists start seeing you as a quality source for newsworthy articles, they may well start contacting you first when they need an engaging story. 

Drive sales and exposure

Your press release can expose you to French customers who may have never otherwise encountered your brand. If your story is interesting enough, they may decide to follow you on social media, head to your website and purchase your products and services. If they do decide to make a purchase and are happy with their experience, they may decide to buy more from you in future and become long-term loyal customers. 

Enhance your credibility 

Simply being mentioned and featured on a credible website, in a publication or by another well-known media outlet can enhance your own credibility. References to your brand on big-name websites can send a signal to the search giants that your site is an important one, and this means they are likely to reward you with improved rankings. Many press release distribution services and web marketing companies can help you create backlinks on high-authority sites. These backlinks can be instrumental in building search authority for your own brand. An improved media profile can also help you win investment from the right backers by demonstrating that you are a serious, credible force. 

Why would a UK company use a French press release distribution service? 

Many UK businesses sell products and services to customers in France. Being featured in the French media is a great way to start making more ground in this market. If you require French translation services for your press release or any other content, support is available. A French press release distribution service can help you gain a much bigger slice of your continental market and ultimately generate more revenue.

Become an expert in your industry

You can also use press releases to establish yourself as a leading player in your field. You can include informative analysis about developments in your industry when crafting your press release, which can improve your reputation remarkably. Customers tend to be far more loyal to companies that they regard as industry leaders. Your press release doesn’t need to simply consist of ‘salesy’ content. 

Need a French press release distribution service? 

PR Fire can come to your assistance if you require a press release distribution service in France. We have a great track record when it comes to distributing press releases and getting them seen by the right people. We can help you create robust links with a range of top bloggers and journalists in France. If you do have any queries about creating and distributing a press release in France, you can get in touch with us at any point. We can assist you whether you have already started work on your press release and are happy with it, need an experienced journalist to fine-tune it or require a leading writer to take your ideas and start from scratch. Whether you’re already a big player in the French market or wish to become one in the near future, we can help you. Get in touch today.