Our Digital PR Campaigns Are Guaranteed To Generate Relevant, Authoritative Links To Improve Your SEO.

What's more, as a Digital PR Agency, we manage the whole process, from developing unique angles and creating the content to outreaching to journalists.

No risk. No fuss. Just guaranteed links.

Guaranteed PR Coverage

Our PR campaigns result in real, authoritative and relevant links that strengthen your website and increase your rankings.

Whether you’re aiming to grow your business or strengthen your brand, great PR is all about results. There’s nothing more disappointing than spending your budget on producing content and executing an outreach campaign, only to be left with little to show for it.

As specialists in digital PR, we guarantee that all of our campaigns will produce real, relevant backlinks for your business. Our goal is simple: to deliver real results, all without the stress or risks of the conventional approach to PR.

Over the last decade, we’ve helped a massive range of businesses generate exposure, press mentions and authoritative backlinks using our services. From small businesses to well-known brands, we work with businesses of all types and sizes in every industry.

Our expertise

  • Experts in travel, health and beauty, lifestyle outreach
  • Generating data to support digital PR angles
  • Creating bespoke content and interactive experiences
  • Digital PR teams in both London and Manchester

Why do we guarantee backlinks?

All the businesses we speak to have the same problem – they spend money on link-building activity not knowing what the ROI will be, if any. This can be incredibly stressful and a waste of time and resources.

We understand completely. That’s why we’ve taken the risk and stress out of digital PR by offering a Link Guarantee.

How does the digital PR guarantee work?

Our agency guarantees a set number of links for each of our digital PR packages. On the rare occasion that we don’t achieve the package links requirement, we’ll create another campaign, for free, until we do. Simple.

We’re ready. Let’s start building links today.


Working with our experienced digital PR team is simple. Start by getting in touch with us online or by phone.
After we’ve had a chance to talk about your goals, we’ll send you a proposal with all of the information you
need to move forward.

Day 1

Next, our team will set measurable campaign objectives
based on your needs. From rankings and search traffic to
press mentions and public exposure, we use a large range of
KPIs to stay on top of your campaign and track progress.

Step 1


After we’ve discussed your needs and prepared campaign
objectives, our team of digital PR experts will research to
discover unique, interesting and engaging PR opportunities
that can help your business grow.

Step 2


Next, we’ll execute. Our outreach specialists and content
creation experts work together to create and market the
content that’s most likely to generate attention, authoritative
backlinks and media mentions for your business.

Step 3


We use a tailored, customised outreach strategy for every
campaign, meaning your content reaches the journalists and
influencers most likely to respond to it. This helps us to earn
high quality, unique press mentions and coverage to help your
business grow.

Step 4


Well contact journalists and bloggers to develop ideas and increase
the likelihood of a successful campaign.

Step 5


The chosen idea will be adapted according to feedback from
journalists to strengthen the PR angle and the campaign will be
fleshed out in more detail.

Step 6


Depending on the campaign idea, we’ll create content such as
articles, infographics, posters, case studies and GIF’s etc. to support
the PR angle.

Step 7


This process includes prospecting target sites with high domain
authority to have the biggest impact on SEO possible, as well as
vetting, personalisation and finalising all assets.

Step 8


We’re then ready to write the press release / outreach email and
contact journalists, keeping you updated on progress and
performance throughout.

No Risk. No Fuss. Just Guaranteed Links.