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oneNDA to introduce three new initiatives following successful launch

Press Release: March 11, 2022

Launched in February 2021, oneNDA has already garnered thousands of downloads and subscribers. The initiative has been noticed globally, with up to 10,000 lawyers interested in standardisation, and has been downloaded 8,600 times. Furthermore, 10,000 people have signed up to be kept in the loop on oneNDA, with 600 organisations adopting oneNDA as their organisational standard.

Three new initiatives will be launched on the 16th of March by the team behind oneNDA. These initiatives will include a revised version of oneNDA, a new M&A-specific oneNDA form, and Claustack platform.

Since the launch, the oneNDA team has encouraged the community to provide feedback and comments. The revised version of oneNDA is called the oneNDA v2. It includes updates made in response to feedback from the community. Expandable text fields and space for additional language are also included. They will enable more flexibility whilst retaining standard language. The creation of the second version came through the desire to increase adoption within the community by allowing more flexibility whilst still retaining standard language. Users will still not be allowed to change the baseline text. 

The next new initiative that will be launched is the new M&A-specific oneNDA form. Called the oneNDA + M&A, it contains language similar to oneNDA while incorporating additional language. This makes the NDA perfect for wider use-case purposes. Just like the revised version, oneNDA v2, this initiative was created to increase adoption by broadening the scope.

Claustack is the third initiative. It is a standardisation-focused legal community platform where members of the legal community can download existing documents and participate in future standardisation initiatives. Users do this by providing feedback or spearheading an initiative of their own. oneNDA noticed that the legal community was interested in standardisation. It also became clear that this community was interested in working more collaboratively with peers to create better ways of working and crowdsourcing value for our profession more broadly. The legal industry has no online place to interact with peers with the specific purpose of improving the legal profession, like other professions. Now the legal community can come together to create standards, share knowledge and network using Claustack.

Co-founder of oneNDA and CEO of TLB, Electra Japonas, said: “The most exciting bit about oneNDA was seeing the legal community really pull together in such an incredible way, from law firms, to in-house counsel to legal tech vendors to crowdsource value for the legal profession. The support we saw has been incredible and we think there’s a lot more to come.”

The oneNDA team has not only been working on these three new initiatives, but they are also preparing for the release of a new standardisation project for the Data Protection Agreement. It will launch on 6th April and will be open for consultation to all Claustack members. 

Sign up here to join Claustack and also be able to download the new version of oneNDA and oneNDA + M&A from 16th March.

Visit these pages for more information on the oneNDA initiative:

Website: onenda.org

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/onenda

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Website: tlb.law 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/the-law-boutique


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