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Period Tracking App, Femometer, Launches Prime Membership Discount in Celebration of 10 Million Users

Press Release: May 31, 2022

  • Reproductive, period and pregnancy tracking app, Femometer, is celebrating a milestone of 10 million users.
  • Femometer is offering more than half-off their Prime Membership option, as well as select products purchased through the app.
  • The celebratory discount will be available to users from the 1st of June to 8th of June.
Femometer, a reproductive, period and pregnancy tracking app, has announced a huge milestone of 10 million trusted users. To celebrate, Femometer is offering customers more than half-off – a 52% discount – their Prime Membership option for a select period of time. The discount will also extend to certain products available for purchase through the app, including supplements and thermometers. The celebratory discount will be available from the 1st of June to the 8th of June via the Femometer app.
About Femometer
The Femometer app is designed for those wanting to manage or track their cycle; trying to conceive; or struggling with issues relating to fertility. As well as cycle tracking, it focuses on every aspect of health and wellness, including nutrition, mental health, and beauty. Femometer is the only app that uses scientifically backed technology to predict peak ovulation days effectively and accurately, as well as determine individuals’ prime fertile window and monitor period symptoms.
Users are also offered helpful informative content and lesson guides on the app, as well as community forums to help learn more about others’ experiences. For those who are pregnant or wanting to conceive, the app offers features to help track your pregnancy journey progress, as well as the growth of your baby, with daily reminders and overall health reports.
Prime Membership Option
The app’s Prime Membership option is an exclusive upgrade, which unlocks a host of extended features, such as double reward points, advanced cycle and detailed chart insights, and partner binding, amongst others.
Product Discounts
Femometer is also offering users a 52% discount on certain products purchased directly through the app, such as ovulation tests, thermometers, and nutritional supplements. These products are available via the ‘Mall’ tab in the app, which is linked to the Femometer store for ease of use.
Jason Wu, Co-CEO of Femometer says, "We want to show how we value the trust, support, and more importantly, the needs of our users. We hope this massive discount- one we've never done before- is a way to celebrate more users together."
Find out more about the Femometer app: https://www.femometer.com/

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