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Pink Wonderland: New NFT Project Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Press Release: May 17, 2022

A new NFT project coming soon to OpenSea combines Alice in Wonderland, crypto, and the color pink into an innovative project.

Pink Wonderland is yet another blockchain-focused company coming out of Miami, positioned to be the blockchain city of the world. Pink Wonderland was founded by entrepreneur and Web3 enthusiast Juliana Echavarria, a student at Florida International University. 

“When I was initially learning about Web3 or the Spatial Web I kept hearing people in the space refer to it as a rabbit hole, and the more you get into it, the more you will understand why. I am extremely passionate about this disruptive technology and excited to see its further development.” said the young entrepreneur. 

Pink Wonderland’s NFT collections will have a wide range of utility and philanthropic purposes, focusing specifically on partnering with mental health and education organizations. In addition to their leading brand, they have a subsidiary focused on Spatial Web education for children, Pink Wonderland Kids, with the mission to provide children with the resources and opportunities to unlock their full creative potential. 

“I feel that the U.S. education system doesn't encourage children to pursue their artistic passions nor celebrate creative expression as much as it should, this is something I will work towards fixing.” said Juliana Echavarria, Founder, and CEO.

Pink Wonderland’s long-term goal is to have a Metaverse, a verisimilitude virtual reality where people can work, play, shop, socialize and create. The company is looking to meet with potential project investors to gain funding and will be launching NFT projects in collaboration with other creators and brands to reinvest back into the project.

Pink Wonderland is an NFT project coming soon to Open Sea with the mission of using art and creativity to provide innovative utility and real world solutions. The long-term goal of the company is to have a Metaverse incorporating anything you can imagine in pink. Pink Wonderland’s core values emphasize that this is the 
world we are building and encouraging and empowering the community to connect with the team and how we can all build together. 

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