FIX YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION in Days rather than Months.

We clean up the first page of Google of negative results for any keywords in days using the latest Digital PR techniques. 

When people search for you or your business online, you want their first impression to be amazing. It may be that you have nothing but a great website, 5* ratings or upbeat newspaper articles to shout about. If you do, that’s great.

But if that first glance is negative, it’s likely people will look to your competitors to do business – and that’s when you need to act quickly.

It’s important to remember that whatever your business does, people love to talk. They enjoy sharing their experiences on twitter – good and bad, taking to Insta with their reviews and quite often, they won’t think twice about how detrimental their negative Facebook comments could be.

Here at PR Fire, our reputation management specialists monitor and influence the online reputation of businesses, brands and individuals. Read on for some more ways we can help you today:


If a bad word has been said against your business online the effects can linger a long time – and in some instances, be very expensive. Our experts can help protect and restore your business reputation online and we have a few methods to do this. If Google search results about your business bring up a wealth of unwanted information, our team will help boost your company’s ranking, bury negative news or create positive new content.

We can also negotiate with various search engines to remove articles or profiles altogether, wherever your business is in the world. If you do want to work with us, we’re more than happy to provide a non-disclosure agreement and we don’t publish the fact that we are working to remove your negative results.

Protecting a positive business

If your business is currently in a positive or neutral position as far as online content goes, presumably you’d want it to stay that way…
If you don’t have any malicious information to remove or bury, you will want to be protected from negative slurs. That sounds a little like SEO, you say. That’s because it is. These days it only takes a few people to leave negative reviews online and you have another battle on your hands.
Our job is to build a positive online reputation – by creating great content about your business – that will leave your competition green with envy.

A restorative campaign to suit your budget

Depending on the complexity of your case, we aim to solve your problem within DAYS. We would expect you to start to see results within the 2nd day of starting work with you.
To give you a more exact timescale and bespoke quotation, we would need a one-to-one meeting in person or on the phone, with you. We treat every enquiry in strict confidence and all advice is given free of charge, so do contact us today.


You’ve searched your own name or company online and there’s nothing damaging to be found. Everything’s OK, right?
While that may be the case, it’s advisable to start a proactive reputation management campaign to protect yourself.
It only takes one former employee with a grudge or an envious competitor to defame or harass your business online. Think about all the social media channels out there – the list is endless. But a few hurtful comments or terrible reviews posted anonymously online can send customers or potential ones running for the door.
For those working in high profile jobs, protecting your personal online reputation is vital. Whatever your circumstances, you can trust our team to provide an honest plan to future-proof your brand. We’re happy to answer any questions about our services. Do contact us or request a callback today.


If a google search on your name brings up bad memories from the past or malicious rumours, it can be hard to deal with. Our time-served team of personal reputation management specialists know exactly how to bury or even remove negative, spiteful or adverse details that may show when your name is typed into an internet search engine.

Why does personal reputation matter?

We understand the stress and humiliation that misinformation online can cause. A damaged online personal reputation can mean you are less likely to get a job you apply for to grow a business you have strived so hard to build.
Your family, friends, colleagues and future employers may all read information about you online that may influence their major decisions.
It may be that an eventful youth has caught up with you, leaving a trail of destruction that needs to be cleared up.

How our reputation management team can help

We can restore your online personal reputation by implementing a few strategies, so that you can sleep soundly.
This includes removing misleading or incorrect information by way of contacting Google and other search engines.
We can also create the right type of positive content about you, which would ultimately mean that any negative information would be lowered in search results. Our main aim will be to ensure that any indecent or harmful material about you is as low as possible in Google rankings – and of course, we will keep you regularly updated with our progress.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why is online reputation management important for my business?

When running a business your key priority should be how you appear online. Online reputation management allows you to take control of what others see when they search for you or your company. It also keeps you protected should any negative comments be published online.

What type of negative articles can you help with?

We can work to remove or bury any negative news article, review, social media post or dedicated group pages.

What kind of content do you create?

We write creative content to your specifications, but it is always professional and positive. This could be in the form of profiles, blog posts or news articles.

Why control Google search terms for the top pages?

Think about when you’re looking for something to buy or a service on Google. Would you flick to page 54 to find it? No. You’d probably go to the ‘best results’ on pages 1 and 2.

When people search for an individual, brand or business online, they Google them and look for immediate validation. That’s why it’s important to control these valuable clicks by ‘owning’ as many of the search results on page 1 and 2 as you can – and that’s where we come in.

How much does online reputation management cost?

Our cost varies largely on the type of content that needs to be removed or buried, the rank of the negative articles and the number that there are.

We would also need to know the nature of your business to be able to provide a bespoke quote. Rest assured we will try to find a solution for your budget so please contact us today for our best price.