Spain press release distribution

If you require an outstanding Spanish press release distribution service, help is available. An experienced Spain press release distribution company can get your news out to all the right people, including leading journalists based in Spain. We can help you whether your company operates in Spain or simply has Spanish customers. Using a Spanish press release distribution service is an ideal move for anyone wishing to expand into this lucrative market, as well as those who already have a presence in this country. 

Make sure your news is seen

No matter how great your press release is, it’s unlikely to be seen by many people if you don’t use a quality Spanish press release distribution service. These services get your news in front of influential journalists and bloggers who can transform your press releases into engaging articles that drive sales. Once you have started building relationships with the right journalists and bloggers, there’s a big chance they will come to you for stories in future. 

What makes a great press release? 

Your press release is unlikely to be turned into a story on a leading website or blog if it is not interesting or newsworthy. This is why it’s important to include genuine news in your press release. Things you might wish to discuss in your press release may include information on new recruits, acquisitions, investments, relocations, special offers and product launches. You can use your press release to keep the public informed about various newsworthy developments at your company. Your press release can help you receive more traffic, boost your sales figures and boost brand loyalty. 

Can I write my own press release?

If you do wish to pen your own press release, this is no problem. However, many people do ask our writers to use their ideas to pen something from scratch or to at least fine-tune the article that they have created to make it as professional and engaging as possible. A professional journalist or writer can turn a good press release into a great one, so it’s definitely worth considering having your work checked over before you make it public. 

Enhance your credibility 

If your press release is turned into a story that’s published by a major website, blog, newspaper or magazine, this can make your brand seem much more credible. This is great for companies aiming to expand their customer networks and attract outside investment. 

Can I have my press release translated? 

It’s perfectly possible to have your press release translated into any language once it has been written. Using English-to-Spanish translation services means language will be no barrier to getting your message across. Many UK companies are using translation services to connect with customers in global markets like Spain. 

Does my content need to be ‘salesy’?

No. In fact, many journalists dislike covering overly promotional stories. Try to make your press release as interesting and engaging as possible to enhance the chances of a journalist using it. Many companies include informative quotes about the current state of their industry in their press releases. This can help you establish yourself as a leading player in your field and show others you are an industry expert. 

Can a Spanish press release boost my SEO? 

Yes. Simply being mentioned on a high-authority site can be great for your search performance. If a backlink is included, this can be particularly effective. It’s also important to include relevant keywords in your work so your article appears when people search for these terms.

How PR Fire can help

Talk to PR Fire today to find out more about how we can help you create media exposure for your company in Span. We have a great deal of experience in this area and have helped many companies expand into other markets. By sending your press release through the right distribution channels, you can ensure your news is read by as many people as possible. We are here to get your news out to some of the most influential bloggers and journalists in Spain. We can get to work within just a few hours of receiving your content, ensuring it’s sent to journalists within your specific industry categories. What’s more is that we can include your press release on our own social media sites and news portal. Various bolt-on services are also available, and these include professional sub-editing and images. 

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